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11u Division

CONGRATS TO bhm buckeyes

Good luck On Championship Sunday!

All Games tomorrow are 2 hour and fifteen minute time limit. Higher seed is home team. Championship Game has no time limit. Run rules are still in effect.

11U Single Elimination Round

Does and Time Location Seed # vs Seed #
SUN 10:30a.m. Longwood D 3- Oh Bombers (6) Game #1 4-Stow bulldogs (18)
Sun 1:00 p.m.. Longwood D 2-Premiere Oh (13) Game 2 5- Diamond Boys (3)
Sun 3:30p.m. Longwood D Seed 1-BHM Buckeyes (11) Game #3 (WG #1)4-Stow bulldogs(7)
Sun 5:45p.m. Longwood D (WG 2)2-Premiere Oh {1} Championship (WG#3)Seed 1-BHM Buckeyes {8}

11U Standings

Teams Won Lost Runs Allowed Runs Scored Run Diff Seedings
1-BHM Buckeyes 2 2 21-15=36 +16 1
2- Diamond Boys 2 21,11=33 2,8 -8 5
3-Ohio Bombers 1 1 15,1= 16 0,4 -8,+3 3
4- Premier Oh Stallions 1 1 4,9=13 1,10 -3 2
5-Stow Bulldogs 1 1 8,9=17 11,9=20 +3 4


11U Pool Play

Dates and Time Location TEAMS vs Teams
May 15th-9:00a.m. Longwood D 1-BHM Buckeyes -21 VS 2- Diamond Boys -2
May 15th 11:00a.m. Longwood D 3-Oh Bombers -0 VS 1-BHM Buckeyes-15
May 15th 1:30p.m. Longwood D 3-Oh Bombers 4 VS 4-Premier Oh Stallions 1
May 15th 3:30p.m. Longwood D 2- Diamond Boys 8 vs 5-Stow Bulldogs 11
May 15th 5:30p.m. Longwood D 4- Premeir Oh Stallions 10 vs 5- Stow bulldogs 9

Hometown Heroes Notes:


We are excited to have you for The Weekend and looking forward to a great event!

  • Each team will need to pay umpires and supply game balls for each game. If there is a 2 man crew its $50 per umpire, if a 1 man crew its $30 per umpire. 
  • Games will be 2 hour time limit
  • Games will be 2hr and 15min in Single Elimination Round, no time limit in Championship Round
  • Longwood and Patterson will be $5 per day gate fee.
  • 2 games on Saturday in pool play and then seedings. Sunday will be single elimination round
  • Awards for 1st and 2nd place.
  • Rules are posted on Coaches info on this website 

Address to Longwood Park: 1566 E. Aurora Rd, Macedonia, Ohio 44056 {Concession stand}

Address to Patterson Park: 955 Patterson Ave, Akron,Oh 44310]

Address to Oakwood Park:  1 Mt Zion Circle, Oakwood Village {By Mount Zion Church.