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12u Division


Good luck On Championship Sunday!

All Games tomorrow are 2 hour and fifteen minute time limit. Higher seed is home team. Championship Game has no time limit. Run rules are still in effect.

Single Elimination Round -Sunday

Date and Time Locatin Seed # Game # Seed #
Sun 8:30 a.m. Longwood D Seed 3-Diamond Boys (1) Game 1 Seed 6- BHM Buckeys (16)
Sun 9:00a.m. Longwood A Seed 4- Steel Valley(7) Game 2 Seed 5-Ohio Spiders(8)
Sun 11:30a.m. Longwood A (WG 2Seed 5-Ohio Spiders(14) Game 3 SEED 1-Snapper Baseball(3)
Sun 1:30p.m.. Longwood A (WG 1)Seed 6- BHM Buckeys(1) Game 4 SEED 2- Mid Ohio Blitz(13)
SUN 4:00P.M. Longwood A (WG # 3)Seed 5-Ohio Spiders(4) Championship Game (WG#4)SEED 2- Mid Ohio Blitz(14)

12u Standings

Teams -Pool A Won Lost Runs Allowed Runs Scored Run Diff Seedings
1- BHM Buckeyes 2 15,9=24 7,6 _8 6
2- Diamond Boys Henke 1 1 7,13=20 15.,2=17 +8,-8=0 3
3-Snapper Baseball 2 2,6=8 13,9 +8 1
Pool B Won Lost Runs Allowed Runs Scored Run Diff
4- Mid Ohio Blitz 2 6,8=14 13,14 +7 2
5- Ohio Spiders 2 13,9=22 6.7 _7 5
6- Steel Valley Expos 1 1 14,7=21 8 -6 4


12U Pool Play Game Schedule

Dates and Time Location Teams vs Teams
May 15th-9:00a.m. Longwood A 1-BHM Buckeyes-7 vs 2- Diamond Boys Henke-15
May 15th 11:00a.m. Longwood A 2- Diamond Boys Henke-2 vs 3-Snapper Baseball-13
May 15th 12:00 Oakwood 2 4-Mid Ohio Blitz 13 vs 5-Ohio Spiders 6
May 15th 1:15pm. Longwood A 1- BHM Buckeyes 6 VS 3-Snapper Baseball 9
May 15th 3:30p.m. Longwood A 4- Mid Ohio Blitz 14 VS 6-Steel valley Expos 8
May 15th 5:30 p.m. Longwood A 5-Ohio Spiders 7 vs 6- Steel Valley Expos 9

Hometown Heroes Notes:


We are excited to have you for The Weekend and looking forward to a great event!

  • Each team will need to pay umpires and supply game balls for each game. If there is a 2 man crew its $50 per umpire, if a 1 man crew its $30 per umpire. 
  • Games will be 2 hour time limit in pool play 
  • Games in Single Elimination Round will be 2hr and 15min, no time limit in Championship game.
  • Longwood and Patterson will be $5 per day gate fee.
  • 2 games on Saturday in pool play and then seedings. Sunday will be single elimination round
  • Awards for 1st and 2nd place.
  • Rules are posted on Coaches info on this website 

Address to Longwood Park: 1566 E. Aurora Rd, Macedonia, Ohio 44056 {Concession stand}

Address to Patterson Park: 955 Patterson Ave, Akron,Oh 44310]

Address to Oakwood Park:  1 Mt Zion Circle, Oakwood Village {By Mount Zion Church.