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12u Division

Comgrats to 12u Champs!! Cleveland R.B.I.

Sunday Single Elimination

Date n Time Location Seed vs Seed
10:00a.m. Oakwood 2 - DBY {7} Game 1 3 - Cleveland RBI {!5}
12:30p.m. Oakwood WG 1-Cleveland RBI {12} Championship Seed 1- Premier Oh {9}

12U Division Update

We had a number of teams drop out to play in another local event that was free, so we will battle with 3 quality teams and all that will happen is you will only have to pay for umps, each game is $50 per ump you supply one new ball and one used ball. Oakwood Village address is posted on the top of the taps under Fields.

Pitching Limit will be 18 outs per tourney

two hour time limit in any of these games. Trophy for 1st and 2nd place. There will be a site director to report scores 


Teams Won Lost Runs Allowed Runs Scored Seedings
1- Cleveland R.B.I. 2 7,11 1,10 3
2- DBY 1 1 1,15 7,7 2
3- Premier Oh Mcfeeture 2 10,7 11,15 1

12U Pool Play Schedule Saturday

Date and Time Location Team vs Team
Sat 1:30 p.m. Oakwood 1- Cleveland R.B.I {1} vs 2- DBY {7}
SAT 3:30 p.m. Oakwood 1-Cleveland R.B.I.{10} vs 3-Premier Oh {11}
Sat 5:30p.m. Oakwood 2- DBY {7} vs 3- Premier Oh {15}