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Summer series


Please Check out the $100 Events - We are here to help keep cost down

We have added events thru May, June, and July, and end up with a weeklong World Series at the end of July and first weekend in August, all the new events is $100 entry fee, we feel this will help all the teams, parents budget with all that has happen to this world in the past few months, stay safe and register early, can't wait to see the boys playing again!  


Diamond Dry Classic $100 Entry Fee / May 1-3 / 9u-14u

Memorial Day Classic / Entry Fee $100 / May 23-25 / 10u-14u

Bring The Heat/ June 6-7 / $100 Entry Fee / 10u-14u

Proud to Be A American / July 2-5 / $100 Entry Fee / 9u-14u

salute To The Heroes / July 17-19 / $100 Entry Fee/ 10u-14u

Backyard Baseball World Sries / High School Division / July 27- Aug 2

Mothers Day Challenge -$100 Entry Fee / May 9-10 /10u-14u

Backyard Baseball Bash / May 30-31 / $100 Entry Fee/ 10u-14u

Daddy Ball Weekend -$100 Entry Fee / June 19-21 - 10u-14u

Summer Shootout July 11-12 / $100 Entry Fee / 10u-14u

Backyard Baseball World Series/ Weeklong Event/ - July 27- Aug 2 / 9U-14U

One Nation State Championship June 11-14

HIGH SCHOOL EVENTS -includes P.B.R. Scouting Service

Capital City Prospects Showcase 16-17-18u in Columbus P.B.R.Scouted June 18-21

Rawlings Rubber City Classic P.B.R.Scouted 16-17u July 9-12

HIGH SCHOOL EVENTS -Includes P.B.R. Scouting Service

Prospects Showcase 14u-15u July 2-5 -P.B.R.Scouted

Top Gun World Series P.B.R. Scouted 16u-17u-18u July 23-26, 2020