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Now Featuring Free Camps for the Players before the following Tournaments!

Youth Events 

We will let any of your players on your team participate in a free mini camp from Strike Force Academy, our professional instructors and our Top notch players will help you get better before the Tournament starts.

June 7-9 Backyard Baseball Tournament

June 20-23 Summer Shootout 

July 5-7 Stars and Stripes 

High School Events 

Up to 3 players per team will be able to participate in the Camp-Showcase run by College Coaches and our professional staff.

June 13-16 Rawlings Top Gun Prospects Showcase

June 27-30 Top Gun Classic

July 4-7 Top Gun W.S.


Check Out The Line Card! 9U-18U


Click the Pic for info

We are excited  to offer this to our 9u-13u Divisions, check it out and sign up early! This Tournament was just added, Play your level of competition, with a 3GG and all teams will compete in the Skills Competition, including the Bombs Away Home Run Derby! 

First Pitch Showdown April 6-7-, 2019

All Star Weekend May 18-19, 2019

Rawlings "Top Gun" Prospects Showcase June 13-16, 2019

Top Gun World Series 16-17u July 3-7,2019

USA PREMIER Diamond Dry Classic April 26-28,2019

Memorial Day Weekend " Championship Hat Series Challenge" May 24-27,2019

Summer Shootout Showdown June 20-23,2019

Top Gun World Series 14-15u ,July 3-7,2019

Bring the Heat May 3-5, 2019

Backyard Baseball "Community Teams" June 7-9,2019

Top Gun Classic Wooden Bat 13u-18u June 27-30,2019

Caba World Series 14u-15u , July 10-14, 2019

$250 List of Events for the Youth Tourneys

Line Up Card for 2019

We now are in year #10! and so excited to offer many new Tournament events and great competition at all skill levels. Let alone the Championship Challenge Hat Series Events, that we give each team 15 Free Customized Hats for playing in the event, we will now feature Tournaments with  " Tools Of The Trade"  Free merchandise. 

   Our goal will always be to make sure we focus on making this a great experience for everyone of our players, parents and teams, each and every Tournament we host! Please review our Line Up Card and details coming soon on each and everyone of these events!

Line Up Card for 2019 Summer Series Events 

1- April 6-7  First Pitch Showdown 9u-14u

2- April 27-28 NOW USA PREMIER Diamond Dry Classic 9u-14u 

3- May 3-5  "Bring the Heat"  Baseball Bash 9u-14u

4- May 18-19 All Star Weekend 9u-14u [Community Base}

5- May 24-27 Championship Hat Series Challenge 9u-12u / 13u-17u Wood Bat - 15 Free Customized Hats  with early Sign ups!

6- June 7-9 - Backyard Baseball Bash 9-14u {Community Base}

7- June 13-16- Championship Showcase Event - Rawlings "Tools of The Trade Free Giveaway" 9u-18u 

8- June 20-23 - Summer Shootout Showdown 9u-14u {Community Base and Travel -Skill Level Event.

9-- June 27-30- Top Gun Classic 9u-18u / 13-18U Wooden Bat

10-- July 3-7 - Top Gun World Series 14-15u {16-17u} 18u

11-- July 10-14- Caba Wooden Bat W.S. 14u-15u in Cinci.

12-- July 17-21-Caba World Series 16-17u 


Rawlings Top Gun Prospects Showcase- $1000 FREE GEAR to CHAMPIONS IN EACH DIVISIONS! CHECK IT OUT